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12 September 2023 < 1 mins

Six minute strategy - What's keeping me up at night

Investors have been surprised by the resilience of economies and equity markets this year. Could this all be too good to be true, and what steps can investors take to protect their portfolios? Three sources of risk merit particular attention: US equities are supported by just a handful...

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25 August 2023 < 1 mins

Six minute strategy - Is now the time to buy Japan?

Japan’s equity market looks extremely cheap, with many of its stocks currently worth less than the businesses they represent. Could this be about to change? Japan appears to have broken free from three decades of deflation, and many Japanese companies are enjoying a resurgence. International investors have taken...

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16 August 2023 6 mins

What will climate change do to the global economy?

Economists are getting to grips with how global warming will change the way we do business. For once, the dismal science may be overly optimistic. Events such as holidaymakers fleeing wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes make it increasingly difficult to ignore the effects of climate change....

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1 August 2023 2 mins

Research and development pay dividends

Three value-adding dividend payers that use R&D to power up profitability and dividend growth. Eschewing the siren call of businesses that pay high dividends today but lack enduring growth prospects should – in our opinion – be one of the fundamental tenets of equity income investing. A high...

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