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18 October 2021 5 mins

Good COP, Bad COP

Why politicians face unpopularity on climate change The 26th ‘conference of the parties’ (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will take place in Glasgow in early November. As a gathering of all 197 countries in the world, it ‘aims to prevent dangerous human...

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15 October 2021 < 1 min

Six Minute Strategy - How bad is the inflation shock?

This week, Guy Monson focuses on an issue that we have been asked a lot about in client meetings over the last few weeks, and that is the question surrounding how long and how intense the current inflationary shock will be, and what it means for markets and...

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13 October 2021 3 mins

The week in markets - 12 October 2021

Welcome to your weekly macroeconomic round-up, where we spotlight a few of the most significant events in the last week. Rising gas prices fuel growing concerns over inflation in Europe and the UK UK and European gas prices rose sharply on Wednesday, but settled down during afternoon trading...

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11 October 2021 5 mins

Post-pandemic policy: A high-wire act?

The US economy is back on its feet just 15 months after COVID struck. Vast fiscal and monetary stimulus turned the deepest recession on record to the shortest. While the aftershocks from COVID-19’s economic dislocation are still reverberating across global supply chains and labour markets, there is a...

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