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Sarasin Reports

In rendering investment management services, Sarasin Asset Management (SAM) uses the resources of its affiliate, Sarasin & Partners LLP (S&P) which is a US Exempt Foreign Reporting Adviser (together, the Group). SAM has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with S&P to provide certain resources to clients of SAM. One of the resources supplied to clients of SAM is our Group’s on line reporting portal.

Welcome to Sarasin & Partners' distinctive approach to reporting. We provide our clients instant access to portfolio data, including items such as:

  • audited and
  • unaudited financial reports
  • historic data
  • native file downloads
  • report to email

Interactive reporting is key to the growth and success of our online services and we aim to make the experience simple and complete. Once logged in, portfolio data may be viewed anywhere and at any time within a secure web environment.

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Portfolio Summary

The summary shows the portfolio's key statistics. The asset allocation breaks the portfolio down by value into the major asset classes. This is followed by the estimated annual income from each category together with the yield. This is the income that the current portfolio would have produced and it does not take into account any changes to the asset allocation or the level of dividends. The charts show the portfolio's allocation accordingly.

Valuation of Investments

This section contains the valuation by holding and separates, where applicable, holdings held in tax wrappers such as ISAs. The holdings are expressed by book cost, price, value, the notional profit or loss and projected income in the base currency and yield.

Consolidated Portfolio Valuation

Provides a consolidated list of all the securities held in your portfolio both directly and via the Sarasin Funds. This provides a complete picture of the portfolio's exposure to individual securities. The Liquid Assets figure may differ from that shown on the Portfolio Summary and Valuation as some Sarasin Funds are not included in the "look through" on the Consolidated Portfolio Valuation.

Formal Valuation

Recent and historic, audited reports are available to download.

Cash Reconciliation

The cash reconciliation shows the movement in your total cash balances exchanged into the base currency of your portfolio. Our system will exchange your transactions and cash balances at the rate used at the beginning of the quarter and compare this with the rate used at the end of the period.

Cash Statement

Shows all of the portfolio's cash transactions, in date order, for income and capital cash.

Cash Movement

The cash movement is part of Cash Statement which shows all of the portfolio's cash transactions, in date order, for income and capital cash.

Schedule of Transactions

Movements within the portfolio for the period including; purchases, sales, capital events and transfers. The profit or loss is the difference between the notional book cost of the securities sold and the proceeds.

Security Transaction Detail

Provides an analysis showing how transactions including Buys and Capital Events have affected the Book Cost of the Holding.

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Client Administration enquiries

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To register for online reporting please download the registration form. Complete the details, sign the terms and conditions and return the form to the address shown on the form.