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Private clients

Private clients

It is our firm belief that ‘one size does not fit all’, so we will work closely with you and your advisors to obtain a complete understanding of your personal circumstances and investment requirements. These will form the critical foundation of your portfolio.

Our main long-term goal is to preserve and enhance your capital, but we can also accommodate many specialist investment requirements. These could include investing for a specific annual income, meeting socially responsible investment requirements, or obtaining a certain geographic exposure, for example.

A dedicated account team

A team of three will manage your bespoke portfolio, consisting of a senior investment director, an investment manager and an administrator. You have full access to your dedicated investment team at all times.

Ideally, we like to meet all clients face to face at least once a year. We are happy to meet wherever is most convenient – our team makes regular trips to the US, for instance, and our clients are very welcome to visit our offices overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

We also run an extensive range of investment seminars and events to keep you updated on our investment strategy and to give you the opportunity of meeting the broader investment team.


Our high standard of reporting marks us out from our peers – we are frequently recognized as providing exceptional quality and clarity in this vital discipline:

  • Customized portfolio valuations – these regular reports give you an accurate overview of their investments by asset class, currency, region and theme, right down to individual stocks
  • Tax-year specific valuations – we can also prepare annual valuations to cover your relevant tax year, which include a summary of the transactions made during the period and any dividends and interest received
  • Dual reporting – additional reports are available if you have dual tax reporting requirements (such as UK tax reports)
  • US 1099 tax year-end reports – these are produced by your chosen custodian.
  • Secure online access – you can view your portfolios 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our online service. Portfolio information is updated daily, including a full valuation as well as details of underlying investments, capital and income movements and transactions. Access is also provided to the investment team’s most recent views and insights.
Contact Sophie Spencer (née Jewson) Business Development, Private Clients
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