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Not-for-profits and institutions

Choosing an investment manager for your not-for-profit or institution is a big responsibility, but our service is designed to provide you with the tools and information you need to fulfil your obligations.

We work with you to explore your specific requirements, and following a thorough review we will design and suggest investment strategies to suit your individual aims and objectives. We can help you determine how much you can afford to genuinely call longer-term investments, and identify any capital that might be required on a shorter-term basis.

Why Sarasin Asset Management?

We operate a global thematic strategy

Our philosophy for investing in equities rests on four key principles: a long term approach, thinking globally without regional barriers, meticulous stewardship of our clients assets, and truly active management. We use a forward-looking framework to identify inexorable trends such as demographics, climate change or urbanization, and the key structural themes that will shape the world in which we live and invest. In turn, this enables us to narrow down the universe of investments suitable for our portfolio - aiming to identify the winners and actively avoid the losers.

Core stewardship principles

At Sarasin Asset Management, we consider ourselves long-term stewards of our clients' assets. We take this responsibility seriously, and invest according to a set of core underlying principles.

Our aim is to deliver enduring value for our clients across market cycles. When we invest on behalf of our clients, we look to the long-term prospects of a company. We purchase shares where there is a case for enduring value creation, and where this is currently underappreciated by the market.

We also believe that responsible companies will tend to create more durable economic value. Specifically, we favour businesses that articulate compelling long-term strategies, and take seriously their responsibilities to their customers, staff, local communities, the environment, and their shareholders.

Once we become shareholders on behalf of our clients, we believe it is important to remain close to the executives and the Board of Directors. Stewardship is as much about responsible ownership as a considered approach to selecting companies.

Of course, we understand that the world is complex, and standards, rules and expectations vary between countries and communities, and the potential for unintended consequences is high. Our core investment principles guide our approach to investments and stewardship, but we avoid hard and fast rules in implementation.

We also believe that our clients' long-term interests are not best served by a narrow focus on relative performance against a market index. The service we offer goes beyond beating a benchmark: we start with our clients' needs and take a holistic view. We would not, for instance, deploy capital in a company whose success involves casing significant harm elsewhere, which could damage our clients' interests.

Where we believe we can play a positive part in boosting broader market returns through improved government policies or market practices, we will seek to catalyse change.

About our UK clients

  • $8.5bn not-for-profits assets under management (as at 31 March 2019)
  • Over 400 not-for-profit clients ranging across religious, educational, medical and service sectors
  • Not-for-profit clients make up nearly 50% of the total business
  • In the UK we are members and supporters of a number of not-for-profit bodies, and in the US we are members of ICCR and CII

What can you expect from us?

  • Transparency and openness: Market-leading reporting enables you to see exactly where your not-for-profit's money is being invested, be it through a Sarasin fund or direct
  • A dedicated specialist team: Our clients can expect excellent service from one of the not-for-profit sector's largest, most experienced teams
  • An investment strategy to suit your needs: A thorough investment review will ensure an investment solution to match your overall objectives
  • Experts in not-for-profit investing: We are the second largest not-for-profit manager in the UK, trusted by around 400 not-for-profits to provide solutions that meet their investment needs
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