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Not-for-profits and institutions

Choosing an investment manager for your not-for-profit or institution is a big responsibility, but our service is designed to provide you with the tools and information you need to fulfil your obligations.

We work with you to explore your specific requirements, and following a thorough review we will design and suggest investment strategies to suit your individual aims and objectives. We can help you determine how much you can afford to genuinely call longer-term investments, and identify any capital that might be required on a shorter-term basis.

Your ethical policies

We take our responsibilities as investors very seriously and an emphasis on sustainable business practices is an integral part of the way we run money.

  • Active engagement - We have a policy of voting on company resolutions and are actively engaged with the companies in which we invest
  • Implementing ethical overlays - We have significant experience in designing bespoke portfolios to match specific ethical investment criteria (i.e. avoiding certain companies or sectors). Over two thirds of our not-for-profit clients have some form of ethical investment policy
  • UN Principles for Responsible Investment - We are signatories to the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment, and are pleased to report that we have been graded A+ for our stewardship approach.

Training and events

Working with engaged and informed clients is a key part of our successful formula. We therefore run a variety of training sessions and events aimed at developing a sound understanding of investment.

These are all based upon our Compendium of Investment, which is designed to help you plan and implement your investment policy with confidence. It will provide you with the ability to:

  • Understand the underlying and fundamental drivers of the return from each asset class
  • Understand how assets could work in a multi-asset portfolio
  • Interpret your particular investment requirements in the context of your own assets and objectives
  • Design your own strategic investment policy
  • Select, appoint and monitor an investment manager

Each chapter in the Compendium draws on the longest reliable series of data available so that readers can put today’s markets in the context of history and then form their own judgement in the most suitable way to proceed in future for their investments.

We also lend support, through either participation and/or sponsorship, to a number of not-for-profit conferences and events.

Date Event Location
March Congress for Institutional Investors Washington DC
7-9 August Leadership Conference of Women Religious St Louis
16-19 September Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference Phoenix
30 October - 2 November Resource Centre for Religious Institutes Orlando
1-3 November The Conference of Sustainable, Responsible Impact Investing Colorado Springs

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