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Compendium 2018

Compendium of Investment 2018 Edition

Our Compendium of Investment is designed to help trustees plan and implement their investment policy in conjunction with their investment manager.

The Sarasin Compendium of Investment acts as the textbook for our trustee training programmes, and forms the basis of the strategic asset allocation work we carry out with our clients.

One of the aims of the Compendium is that trustees and other investors will be able to plan and implement their investment policy with confidence, providing them with the ability to:

  • Understand the underlying and fundamental drivers of the return from each asset class
  • Understand how assets could work in a multi-asset portfolio
  • Interpret their particular investment requirements in the context of their own assets and objectives
  • Design their own strategic investment policy
  • Select, appoint and monitor an investment manager

Each chapter in the Compendium draws on the longest reliable series of data available so that readers can put today’s markets in the context of history and then form their own judgement in the most suitable way to proceed in future for their investments.

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