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Informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.

Latest articles

  • Ageing Population

    Ageing into a better future

    03 Oct 2019

    Alex Hunter look deeper into the themes of modern-day life and how to invest in companies making the most of positive opportunities arising from ageing.

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  • Capitalising on the rise of the Chinese consumer

    Capitalising on the rise of the Chinese consumer

    30 Aug 2019

    Giles Money, Global Equities Analyst, discusses how best to access the rising consumer trend in China.

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  • Drivers-of-Treasury-term-premium

    Yield curve inversion

    29 Aug 2019

    Fixed Income Fund Manager Tony Carter discusses the recent inversion of the US Treasury yield curve, and what it means for the real economy.

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  • Looking back at AIM

    The drivers of declining Treasury term premium

    29 Aug 2019

    Tony Carter, Fixed Income Fund Manager, discusses what the Treasury term premium is, and what influences it.

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