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Informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.

Latest articles

  • Outlook 2019 - Niloofar

    Outlook 2019 - Introduction

    12 Dec 2018

    Economist Niloofar Rafiei takes a look at the macroeconomic picture and what it might tell us about how 2019 might unfold.

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  • Outlook 2019 - Jerry

    Outlook 2019 - Global equities

    12 Dec 2018

    Head of Global Equities Jerry Thomas looks ahead to what 2019 might bring for the asset class.

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  • Outlook 2019 - Neil

    Outlook 2019 - Equity income

    12 Dec 2018

    Fund manager Neil Denman discusses how liquidity, debt, and rising interest rates might affect equity income during 2019.

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  • Beyond the bottom line

    Beyond the bottom line

    07 Dec 2018

    Investment Director John Soler explains how keeping an eye on environmental, social and governance factors can yield more than just a clear conscience.

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