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Informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.

Latest articles

  • electric-china

    China's green electricity revolution

    04 Jul 2019

    China will soon need a lot more electricity. Though this boosts the renewable energy sector, why are Chinese energy companies still hard to invest in?

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  • Internet-gaming

    How the internet changed the gaming industry

    14 Jun 2019

    Global Equity Analyst Josh Sambrook-Smith discusses the creative disruption of the internet on the gaming industry.

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  • 524 - Disrupting healthcare

    Disrupting the healthcare sector

    04 Jun 2019

    The use of technology to make the healthcare sector more efficient is a growing trend and should be monitored closely.

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  • Land of opportunity

    Why the US remains a source of thematic investments

    16 May 2019

    The US is a country rich with investment ideas, and a recent research trip identified some new areas of interest.

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