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Informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.

Latest articles

  • 585-Divergence

    The Great Divergence

    08 Jan 2020

    2019 saw just enough growth to support corporate earnings… will this scenario be repeated in 2020?

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  • 586 - levelling up

    Levelling up - the promise to make a fairer society

    08 Jan 2020

    “Levelling up” – an empty political slogan or the harbinger of something more meaningful?

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  • Semiconductors

    There's life in the old Law yet

    15 Nov 2019

    For the semiconductor industry, Moore's Law had the power of a credo. Have we lost faith? Global Equity Analyst Josh Sambrook-Smith investigates.

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  • Shareholder-voting

    Shareholders must exercise their democratic rights

    11 Nov 2019

    Voting is the foundation of political democracy. Guest writer David Pitt-Watson explains how it is also the foundation of economic democracy.

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