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Informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.

Latest articles

  • Asian finance

    Asia: the future of finance

    23 Jan 2019

    Global equity analyst Rolando Rodrigues recently visited Hong Kong and Singapore to examine some of the main actors in the financial industry.

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  • Market View 2019

    Market View

    09 Jan 2019

    As we reflect on the past year, CIO Guy Monson considers the risks and opportunities in 2019.

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  • Stewardship practices

    Tackling good and bad practices relating to the stewardship of long-term endowments

    17 Jan 2019

    Paul Fairbrother, Investment Manager, discusses good and bad practices around investing charity assets responsibly.

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  • Ageing and the healthcare industry

    Thematic Focus: Ageing

    17 Jan 2019

    Global Equities Analyst Alex Hunter examines how changing demographics are affecting the healthcare industry.

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